A Commitment to Excellence

Champion International School is one of the well known school in Tete. We are the only Cambridge School. 
Escola Campeã International  provides a full schooling programme for 2 to 17 years olds with the University entrance qualification of Cambridge Advance Subsidiary Levels for the oldest students.

Pre-School Department- 2 to 6 Years

Young children are provided with opportunities to be active and interactive, and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children are also helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food. ECI offers Sports, Taekwondo, Swimming, and Music as co-curricular activities aside from the allotted playing time

Primary School Years

ECI framework provides curricula for the key subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History. Other subjects are based upon the Co-curriculum which includes Portuguese, Sports and Computer Studies. Portuguese and Ciência Social is taught from Grade 1 to Grade 7. However academic subjects are only half of the story. Where we believe we excel is in putting the child and his or her needs and situation first. So not only do we recognise that each child is individual, but also that every day is different and each provides another opportunity for success and happiness.

Secondary School Years

The lower secondary years are characterised by an increasingly focused approach with specialist teachers for all subjects. This ensures that not only are students developing their knowledge and skills but that they are also prepared for the rigours of the examination courses which begin with the Cambridge IGCSE from Year 10. The final two years of schooling are decided to the Advance Subsidiary and Advanced Level examination courses of the Cambridge International Examinations. Recognised around the world for university entrance they offer students the flexibility of a completely free choice of subjects. So students could specialise in the sciences, Commercial arts or languages, or take a board range of subjects from across different disciplines. As well as these high-level examination courses, ECI is also able to support students with different aspirations.

Language courses

Portuguese as a mother languague. English as a Second Language ESL indicates that the students have a Somewhat limited competence in English, and as such may need some extra support in English. These students are given extra support in English. English through Mother Tongue EMT indicates especially in the pre-school environment that literacy skills and mathematics are taught in their mother tongue, rather than in English that is otherwise the language of instruction at the school. For such students they have not yet reached a competency in English where communication leading to skill development is possible. As a school we are currently only able to supplement this type of learning through the use of Portuguese. Children from other linguistic backgrounds receive support from either other students who are able to use the same language such as Nyungwe, Chewa, Shona, Hindi or parental assistance.

We therefore stand heads above shoulders to ensure;

The school creates a climate so conducive that both pupils and adults feel confident about confiding with the office about threats to their safety and well-being. A tripartite smart combination fostered between parents and or guardians to secure the best possible outcomes for pupils and the environment in which they interact. An active role in upgrading staff regarding latest trends in matters pertaining to child protection so that we keep abreast and in compliance with ECI Staff code of conduct.